Jack Henry


Jack Henry Pomade is great for all hair types and will leave your hair feeling full, soft, healthier and styled the way you want it.


premium clean ingredients


low shine

all natural look & feel

all day hold

made in usa


No parabéns. No synthetics. No animal testing. Ever.



We are dedicated to making the best product, with the least amount of ingredients, and zero harmful chemicals or toxic waste. All while giving you confidence and the natural look you desire.



How it all started: Jack Henry was inspired by our active lifestyle and not being able to look and feel how we want. After testing and trying to find the right product for ourselves for over 10 years, we decided it was time to create a formula that didn't exist. It had to have two things - no artificial chemicals and it had to look natural. We created a formula ourselves that's all-natural, organic, safe, and best of all it's actually healthy for your hair.

  Who we are: Less is definitely more and we're trying to bring that to the men's grooming space. It all started actually when my wife was looking for a product for our two year old son and picked up the jar I was using. She was surprised at the ingredients and from there we set out to create a formula ourselves, that was safe, non-toxic and give us a the look and hold we were trying to achieve. I used it for a few months and it was the best stuff I ever used. From the hold, texture, scent and of course the minimal ingredients. I knew from there that we had to build a brand, lifestyle and education around it. The whole organic foods industry took off a few years ago, so people are starting to be conscious about what they're putting in their bodies that it's just as important to what you're putting on your bodies. 




born and crafted in boulder, colorado, usa


If you have any questions or want to chat, send us a note to holler@jackhenryco.com