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Welcome to Jack Henry


How it all started.

Jack Henry was inspired by our active lifestyle and not being able to look and feel how we wanted. From using hair products for years and never being fully satisfied, we decided it was time to craft our own; in-house, with no outside influence or scientists. What started as a crazy idea has turned into a full hand crafted offering of hair, skin and body products that have no artificial ingredients, no nasty chemicals, and is actually beneficial for your body.


We believe in crafting the the most effective clean and pure products. We believe in simple purposeful ingredients that are sourced from the finest locations. We believe in inspiring and educating. We also believe it goes beyond the actual product. It's about the design, the craft, the way it's made, the way you use it, and most importantly, the way it makes you feel.


The way you touch it, the way it smells and the way it feels on your body is what sets our products apart. We will never use synthetics, preservatives or nasty chemicals. And there's definitely no cruel animal testing happening here. Every product comes from a personal need. All our products are formulated and crafted in-house, by us.


We use ingredients sourced from all over the globe. From the mountains in Bulgaria to the Tea Tree oil we use that's from Australia to our Coconuts from the Philippines. Learn more about each ingredient and it's purpose here.


Sustainability and the environment.

We not only care about our products and how they work for you. We care what they do to the planet. Our products leave a minimal footprint. We have minimal waste during production (pretty much only water for cleanup) and more importantly we use glass containers that are 100% recyclable. So please do your part and recycle.


We don't stop with the product. We utilize amber glass bottles and jars that not only free up the plastic waste, but they protect your products inside. The amber tint helps keep out harmful UV rays and light that can damage ingredients at a molecular level. No cheap plastic here.


We're inspired by the things around us and believe good design enhances your life. Design shouldn't be noisy. It should compliment and enhance what you're already doing in life.